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Where to Buy Luggage at KLIA and klia2

Nadia Malyanah & Zurien Onn

When you have to get luggage at the last minute just before a flight or upon touchdown at KLIA or klia2 Terminal, head to these boutiques to find what you need.

Find yourself in need of extra luggage while at KL International Airport (KLIA) or klia2? Sometimes - either before or after a trip - it’s perfectly normal for passengers to suddenly find themselves needing extra carriers for souvenirs bought on holiday, or maybe for essential items brought from home that you absolutely must bring along. Well, that’s what luggage boutiques at the airports are for! Ditch the flimsy plastic bag or easily tearable paper bag, as these outlets at KLIA and klia2 should have what you need when extra space is essential for efficient transportation of goods. Of course, you are also welcome to just browse and buy if you feel like getting new luggage just because you like it and will likely get a good deal for it!

Flying Emporium, KLIA

The Flying Emporium outlet at KLIA stocks a fair selection of luggage, with a large selection from premium brands including TUMI. If you’re looking for discounts from your favourite bag or luggage brand, it wouldn’t hurt to sneak a peek at the offerings here, right after you’ve cleared the immigration checkpoint before your flight. The Flying Emporium is located airside at Contact Pier - Domestic at KLIA. Both the outlets are located airside at the two terminals.

Flying Emporium offers a variety of premium luggages for you to choose from.
TUMI, klia2

As the world’s leading brand of luxury, business and lifestyle travel, TUMI is known for its multifunctional, soft and elegant luggage suitable for fashion enthusiasts. Be part of the TUMI Exclusives Club and get additional 20% off for selected products together with a complimentary TUMI 19-degree card case. Make your way to TUMI at Satellite Building - International, klia2 and get your very own piece of functional yet very fashionable cabin bag.

Check out TUMI and get your exclusive luggage or travel bag.
Wings, gateway@klia2

Located at the gateway@klia2 mall, Wings often has great promotions and sale offers so you can get good quality luggage pieces for RM200 onwards. The store also carries backpacks, small bags, travel accessories and even winter apparel from brands such as Arnold Palmer, Gardini, Maui & Sons, Odegard and Rainer Active, so it’s worth setting aside time before or after your flight to see what promotional deals their airport boutique might have that’s not available elsewhere.

Visit Wings and find out their latest promotions and discounts.
The Travel Store, gateway@klia2

Similar to its other outlets nationwide, The Travel Store at gateway@klia2 carries the same extensive range of luggage, backpacks and travel accessories. Among brands stocked by The Travel Store include Hush Puppies, Echolac, Eminent, Verage and LOJEL. Their prices do run pretty cheap when they have sales, usually offering discounts anywhere from 20% to 70%. For example, you can easily get a trolley case luggage from Japanese brand Echolac at RM212 from its original price of RM530 should there be a sale or best buy promotion during your visit. They also have their own after-sales service centres, so it’s pretty easy to get anything fixed or repaired should anything happen to your luggage.

A wide range of luggage and travel accessories are available at The Travel Store.

Buying luggage just before your flight might seem counterproductive when you’ve already packed all your belongings for your trip, but it makes sense to check out what’s available if only for the variety and promotional discounts. Thus, be sure to set aside ample time to browse your next luggage piece when jetting off for a holiday or business trip in the future, and check out these boutiques at KLIA and klia2.

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