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shopMYairports Celebrates 2nd Anniversary by Rewarding Shoppers with 10talising Deals


The amazing 10TechOver deals for you to grab!

It's time for you to get a total Tech-Over! shopMYairports celebrates its 2nd anniversary by rewarding everyone with a chance to buy gadgets at only RM10! Choose your favourite gadgets such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Apple Watch, Ipad, Samsung Tablet and more at an at10tion grabbing price of ONLY RM10. Buy more chances for the desired gadgets to increase your chance to own them!

If that’s not 10talising enough, keep an eye out for our Monthly Mystery deals! With wider choices and even more electrifying fun!

For those who purchased the gadget, the RM10 will then be converted into shopMYairports vouchers which can be utilised within a month from the date of purchase, the RM10 will be forfeited after the utilisation period of one month. A draw will be done once the gadget quota is reached and the lucky winner will be given a voucher to redeem the prize online.

Click here to purchase the gadget of your choice at only RM10:

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Choose your favourite gadget(s) from the selection displayed
  2. Purchase an entry at RM10. The more you buy, the more chances of owning the gadget
  3. Check out and wait for the notification. You will get a FREE RM10 shopping voucher for every entry purchased

*Terms & Conditions apply

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