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Just Get Your Souvenirs At The Airport

Nadia Malyanah
Just Get Your Souvenirs At The Airport

The best souvenirs to get at KLIA and klia2 for some last minute gift shopping.

You’ve been traipsing all over Malaysia but missed the opportunity to go souvenir shopping because you were too preoccupied in the midst of your travels? Or perhaps you put off shopping for souvenirs because you genuinely didn’t know what to get for family and friends. Fret not, here are some things you can buy at KLIA and klia2 and still impress the recipients.

Goodies for Foodies
Souvenirs at KLIA

One could hardly go wrong by getting food items as souvenirs, particularly of the Malaysian variety! Souvenir shop Taste of Malaysia at KLIA sells a variety of tasty Malaysian and Malaysia-influenced savoury snacks and confectionery, including durian-flavoured chocolates, with a taste of that famous, thorny Malaysian king of fruits.

Get all the Malaysiana sweets and snacks you need at Level 3, International Departure, klia2.

Souvenirs at KLIA

Want to share the taste of the great food you had in Malaysia with those back home? Bring back ready-made pastes, spreads and other goodies that can be found at Delicacies of Malaysia. Here you’ll find Laksa Sarawak paste, dry meat floss called serunding, durian spread, and a variety of baked Malaysian cookies like the Kuih Cincin, pineapple tarts and coconut cookies. Get all the Malaysiana sweets and snacks you need at Level 3, International Departure, klia2.

Find these great Malaysian flavours at Delicacies of Malaysia, located on Level 5 of the Departure Level at the Main Terminal Building, KLIA.

Give The Gift of Relaxation
Souvenirs at KLIA

Looking for something a bit more luxurious yet easy on the budget? The Little Malaysia boutique might have the answer. Get spa and body products infused with scents and ingredients from local herbs and plants and it will be like being in a Malaysian spa with every use. But if you still doubt your gifting instincts, Little Malaysia also offers other gift choices such as homeware, artisanal gifts and handicrafts, fashion accessories and soft furnishings.

Find the Malaysian products of your heart’s desire (it’s right next to Delicacies of Malaysia!) at Level 5, Departure Level, Main Terminal Building of KLIA.

Tanamera Souvenirs at KLIA

You might also want to check out the Tanamera pop-up store at KLIA for the brand’s range of spa and body care products based on traditional Asian treatments. Their Hajj and Umrah Travel Set particularly makes a good gift set, as the products are suitable for any other kind of travel as well, be it to colder regions or warmer countries.

Check out Tanamera products at their shop at Level 1, Satellite Building, KLIA.

Fashion Accessories and Trinkets
Souvenirs at KLIA

Designed with Sarawak's famous Niah Caves’ limestone formations in mind, Mystical Borneo is probably your best shot at getting the crafts, wares and even food items that Borneo has to offer at such a short notice. Get Sabah pearl accessories for the sophisticated ladies waiting at home, while colourful beaded accessories will surely make you popular with the younger relatives.

Shop your Bornean goods at Level 1, Satellite Building, KLIA.

If you’re looking to bring back a piece of Malaysian fashion, it can’t get any more Malaysian than with Malaysian batik. Batik brand Karyaneka is essentially Malaysian craft at its best: their selection of items are drawn from the country’s diverse cultural and ethnic heritage, combined with affordable price points and gorgeously crafted designs at a great quality. Karyaneka has something for everyone, as they have a good mix of both traditional and contemporary craft items such as batik notepads, songket boxes and sarongs, table ornaments and hand-woven rattan bags.

Souvenirs at KLIA
Stop by Karyaneka’s outlets at Level 1, Satellite Building KLIA and Contact Pier International, KLIA. ( Photo : )
Souvenirs at KLIA

Have friends with a bohemian-fashionista vibe who will appreciate vibrant, ethnic-themed accessories? Then get to Khazanah Exotic at KLIA for colourful wooden bracelets and necklaces, a variety of scarves, embellished kaftans, and other music festival-friendly accessories. However, if you’re not sure of their preference, get them home accessories instead, such as embellished cushion covers and even beautifully carved wooden trinkets.

Load up on these souvenirs at Khazanah Exotic, located on Level 5, Departure Level at the Main Terminal Building, KLIA.

Pewter Gifts from Royal Selangor
Pewter Gifts from Royal Selangor KLIA

Meanwhile, for gorgeously handcrafted pewter items, drop by the Royal Selangor boutique, found at both KLIA and klia2. Made by Malaysian craftsmen since 1885, Royal Selangor’s items feature over a thousand tableware and gift items in their current catalogue, including collaborations with Disney - which includes their Star Wars collection, and even a collaboration with Starbucks. Gift-givers opting to be safe would do well with getting one of their photo frames, tea light holders or a drinks coaster featuring the Petronas Twin Towers.

Check out Royal Selangor’s outlets at Level 1, Satellite Building and Level 5, Departure Hall, KLIA. The outlets are also available at Level 2, Satellite Building and Level 3, Departure Hall, klia2 respectively.

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