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The Funniest Aviation Jokes To Tickle Your Funny Bone

The Flight Side
Izzat Haziq

Crack up your buddies with these hilarious airport-related puns.

Due to the current situation that is happening worldwide, it's completely understandable if you’re putting off the idea of going on a trip for a while. For those who enjoy travelling and miss it because of the COVID-19 pandemic, let us lighten the mood with these aviation-related jokes guaranteed to leave you in stitches!

The Case Of The Lost Baggage

Overheard on the KLIA Express Rail Link train: “I hired a specialist aviation lawyer to deal with a dispute I had with an airport baggage handler. I lost my case.”

We’re not sure which case he is referring to, but we hope that it’ll all be sorted out soon!.

Get Off The Runway!

When boarding an airplane straight from the ramp, be sure not to stray off the designated line. Airport Security officers yelled at me today, they said I was in plane sight!

While we normally don’t condone any form of public humiliation whatsoever, we’re a-freight that we just have to let this pass.

Sibling Matters

What did the two brothers say when they were separated at a Western Australian airport? “We were separated at Perth!”


All jokes aside, this would be a great pilot episode for a TV soap opera.

Hardboiled Investigators

Why did the detective lose his second job at the airport? Apparently it was because he kept cracking cases.

There are cases that are plain tricky to solve but some just need to be handled with care.

Mindblowing Medical Breakthrough

Overheard at the psychiatrist’s office: “I’ve been diagnosed with a rare condition that makes me think I’m an airport building. I hope it’s not terminal.”

We hope that anyone who is experiencing similar symptoms will rush to the nearest hospital to get the proper medical attention that they need, ASAP!

Everything Is Al-Wright

The saying goes: Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two Wrights can make a plane.


Besides their enormous contribution to the aviation industry, the Wright brothers have also made a difference in the lives of those who appreciate the punnier things in life.

Raising The Bar

Why did the students study in the airplane? Because they wanted higher grades.

While we’re not entirely sure if this method works, certainly there's nothing stopping kids nowadays from getting those A’s.

Arresting Development

Always remember that riding an airplane is very different from riding in a car on the passenger side. A man was just arrested at the airport last week for saying the wrong thing. Apparently, security doesn’t appreciate it when you call “shotgun!” before boarding a plane.

A classic example of how you should be mindful not to incriminate yourself when at the airport.

You’ve Got Mail

How do you reply to an email about someone freaking out at the Los Angeles International Airport? Just type this in:-


Hey, you either stay chill as ice or you don’t fly.

It’s Not Rocket Science

A photon turns up at check-in for a flight with no baggage. The check-in agent says “Travelling light?” He says “Yes, I am”.

Recalling science lessons at school, photons are particles that transmit light. Hence, the confusion between the check-in agent and the poor traveller.

Hope you were entertained by these jokes as much as we had fun compiling them! While we’re trying to keep it light, do remember to practice precautions at the airport and on airplanes when travelling, and stay safe.

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