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CONTINENTS, Newest Multiple Culinary Experiences ‘Hub’ Opening Soon!


Embark on a new journey of multiple culinary experiences at Sama-Sama Hotel KL International Airport.

Journey through rich food heritage and savour some of the most-loved dishes across continents at the new CONTINENTS at Sama-Sama Hotel KL International Airport. The stylish urban all-day dining restaurant boasts a modern contemporary dining experience connecting distinctive flavours and tastes that journey through Mediterranean to Asia.

A must-stop while you’re in KL International Airport, to discover the essence of palates from the yesteryears to the modern fusion penchants at CONTINENTS. The multiplicities of all-day-dining menus offer diversities from a la carte, buffet spreads to specially curated menus for official events and social gatherings.

CONTINENTS exudes an extraordinary journey of multiple culinary experiences from different regional offerings at its dedicated open food sections, patisserie, and beverage bar in an urban contemporary ambience. This is the concept of multisensory dining – which focuses on immersing all senses to experiences and explosion of flavours and tastes. This is where it all begins!

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by the colourful eye-sensory of Aurora with its wide range of freshly baked bread, cakes, pastries, candies, and sweets, followed by Mediterranean cuisine with a range of western favourites from appetizers, salads, soups to main dishes and the ever-popular tapas variety.

As you journey on at the CONTINENTS, you will find yourself arriving at the serene simplicity yet stylish Kyodo Ryori, to start your dining journey to savour contemporary Japanese cuisine. While you’re smitten by the Zen-sory, a ‘gush’ of aromatic essences from the kitchens across will tempt you over immediately to the ‘flavourful street’ of Asian Walk.

Kyodo Ryori
Asian Walk
Flavours and spices from the Asian Walk

At Asian Walk, you’ll discover a bountiful of the rich culinary heritage from the multi-ethics originating from East Asia, Southeast Asia & South Asia in a kaleidoscope of spices, fresh herbs, and fresh ingredients in their cuisines. This ‘flavourful street’ is busy engaged by Kupi, Qilin, Archipelago, and Spice Road.

Kupi, a timeless Malayan traditional coffee shop dining that will bring you the simple ever-popular comforting Kopitiam meals which is the cornerstone of the local food & beverage culture of Malaysian since the very beginning.

Before long, you’ll find yourself peeping into the next-door at Archipelago. This peninsula open kitchen looks timeless yet modern where Malay cuisine is prepared. With a rich selection of Malay dishes which are strong, spicy, aromatic, and rich from fresh spices and ingredients used in its cooking.

As the journey continues, you will find yourself captivated by the ‘lively’ moments at Qilin. This modern Chinese porcelain-inspired tiles “chu-fang” (kitchen in Mandarin) for its showmanship of the unique Chinese wok “flambé” cooking where a range of Chinese cuisine including the famed dainty Dim Sum is freshly prepared for your indulgence.

Charmed by the famous Tandoor, you will arrive at the Spice Road next, a modern layout-meets-traditional Indian tiles modular open kitchen, paired with a unique Indian “teardrop” motive designed feature wall. Yet another showmanship food section where you will savour the magical aromatic spiciness of Indian cuisine from tandoori to garam masala, the mastery of fish curries to lamb vindaloo as well as the hot, sweet, and sour vegetarian dishes. Whilst Tandoori and Naan selections are freshly cooked to serve you.

The soon-to-be-open CONTINENTS is a 24-hour dining restaurant and is located on the lobby level at Sama-Sama Hotel KL International Airport.

While you’re whelmed with the bountiful richness of food treats at the various chic and trendy food sections and enjoying the impressive sneak peek behind the scenes and the uniquely devoted themed dining ambience of each section, the journey continues to flow into a wonderful world of drinks and ice-cream heaven at Liquid!

Explore Liquid for its wide variety of drinks from freshly-made smoothies, healthy juices to enticing mocktails, and from the chilled selections to the freshly brewed hot drinks medleys readily to pair with your ultimate eats. The selection of the heavenly ice-cream ‘concoctions’ will definitely keep you going!

The extraordinary CONTINENTS multiple culinary experiential journeys exude wonderful unique stories that you’ll return for more!

For further inquiries or bookings, please contact our Restaurant Team at +603-8787 3333 ext. 2488 or text us via WhatsApp at +6016-262 0469.

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