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Nadia Malyanah

Some award-winning gastronomic choices available at KLIA for you to satisfy your cravings.

Hungry, or looking for something to munch on at KL International Airport (KLIA) while
waiting for your flight? Fret not! A variety of mouthwatering meals are available at the main
terminal of KLIA, and some of them are even winners of their categories at the recent 2019
MIGF KULinary awards ceremony, so you can’t go wrong with these selections.

Boost Juice
boost juice

If you have a hankering for fresh and healthful fruit juices and smoothies, then Boost Juice is
the place to head to. This Australian-based brand was crowned winner of the Outstanding
Fresh Juices award, and it’s no wonder as their juices are both nutritious and delicious!
Boost’s menu was developed with the assistance of a nutritionist, each concoction created
with no added sugar, completely free from artificial flavours and colourings, and is 98% fat-
free. Not sure which to get when ordering? Well, Malaysian crowd favourites include the All
Berry Bang (a blend of strawberries, raspberries, apple juice, strawberry yoghurt and ice) and
Mango Magic (a blend of mango, banana, mango nectar, TD4 vanilla yoghurt and ice). Try it
for yourself and get an energy boost with Boost Juice.
Location: Satellite Building, KLIA.

Burger King
Burger King

Home to the Whopper burger, it should be no surprise that Burger King won the Outstanding
Burger Award for their signature item. Hungry travellers can also choose from a variety of
beef and fish burgers as well as other delicious side dishes such as onion rings and French
fries if, say, the Whopper isn’t quite suited to their taste buds after all. Those looking for
something different, or are vegetarian, might also want to check out the Mushroom Veggie
Location: Level 3, Arrival Hall, KLIA and Satellite Building, KLIA


Travellers with a sudden craving for Japanese cuisine should head to Fukuya, which is an
offshoot of a Kuala Lumpur city centre restaurant of the same name (a search on the Internet
would often direct you to its parent restaurant first). Winning the Outstanding Eastern Dish Award for its beef teppanyaki, Fukuya also has a selection of other signature dishes to choose
from including their Double Boiled Salmon Belly Soup and Hokkaido Scallop Butter Sautéed
with Teriyaki Duck Liver as well as classic Japanese delicacies such as udon noodles, crispy
tempura, tasty chicken teriyaki and bento boxes. A wide-range of ready-made sushi is also
available at the restaurant’s sushi kiosk for those in a rush.
Location: Satellite Building, KLIA.

Flight Club
Flight Club

Coming from the same folks running the Plaza Premium Lounge, Flight Club was created
and designed with travellers very much in mind. However, Flight Club is open to all –
although entry with selected credit cards does allow for complimentary coffee, soft drinks,
and beer. Flight Club offers an enticing selection of western and international cuisine
utilising either herbs or seeds, or both in all their dishes. Clinching three awards for their food
is perhaps the best proof of their commitment to excellence: the café won two Outstanding
Dish Awards for their rotisserie chicken and braised beef cheek respectively, as well as the
Outstanding On-The-Go Award, for their equally scrumptious but no less healthy on-to-go
Location: Satellite Building, KLIA

Godiva Chocolatier
Godiva Chocolatier

Travellers who have a sweet tooth are in for a treat! Godiva’s Chocolatier is known for its
extensive menus of ice cream and decadent chocolate drinks - available either hot or cold
depending on your preference. Travellers can also have a go at their world-famous soft-serve
ice-cream. They can choose from three flavours (Vanilla White Chocolate Soft Serve, Twist
Chocolate Soft Serve of Dark Chocolate Soft Serve), which is then paired with a crisp waffle
cone that has its rim dipped in chocolate and crunchy praline almonds. Godiva’s sweet
desserts definitely deserve the Outstanding Western Dessert Award, no doubt!
Location: Satellite Building, KLIA


Grandmama’s is a restaurant chain that offers local Malaysian fare in a casual fine-dining
setting at a rather affordable price. The winner of the Outstanding Value for Money Award
hopes to bring fond memories of home-cooked meals by Malaysian grandmothers to its
patrons. Their Fish Head Curry Hot Pot, Nasi Lemak (fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf) and Nasi Ayam Istimewa (flavoured rice topped with a runny fried
egg, beef rendang, assam prawns and a fried chicken drumstick) are considered as the must-
try dishes at Grandmama’s.
Location: Satellite Building, KLIA


McDonald’s is the maestro when it comes to fast food. It’s a no-brainer to see why this
American fast-food chain clinched the Outstanding Fast Food Awards. Travellers are spoiled
with choices, ranging from burgers to chicken products as well as desserts. They also have
occasional seasonal offerings, such as the Oblong Prosperity Burger, only available during
the Chinese New Year festive seasons. Travellers can also indulge in the local favourites that
this restaurant offers from time to time: think Strawberry Cheesecake Sunday, Oreo McFlurry
and Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie.
Location: Level 5, Departure Hall, KLIA


Hungry for breakfast? PappaRich is here to serve you authentic Malaysian Kopitiam
breakfast favourites. Some must-haves include the signature chicken satay, ABC Ice Kacang
as well as an array of delicious noodle dishes. Speaking of which, travellers who are looking
to have their first bite of hawker-style recipe can feast on Papparich’s char kuay teow (stir-
fried rice noodles). The winner of both the Outstanding Cooking to Order and Outstanding
Local Dish awards is apparently a worthy contender to its counterpart on the streets,
including in Penang.
Location: Level 5, Departure Hall, KLIA

O’Briens Irish Sandwich Café
O’Briens Irish Sandwich Café

O’Briens huge selection of healthy, wholesome meals is here to satisfy those with an appetite
for huge and filling sandwiches. At O’Briens, you can sink your teeth into salads, toasties and
wraps on-the-go. Since the Irish cafe chain arrived on our local shores, their signature classic
triple-decker sandwich has won the hearts of locals and has also earned recognition as the
Outstanding Western Award Dish for their Classic Triple Decker sandwich. Gourmet coffees
and an array of refreshing smoothies are also offered on the menu to complete the meal.
Location: Satellite Building, KLIA


Pretty much a staple of major airports (and cities) worldwide, Starbucks is often described as
the paragon of coffee chain brands. Thus, it is no surprise that Starbucks have won both the
Outstanding Ambience and Outstanding Diverse Beverages Awards. Apart from their
sizeable menu of both caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks to choose from, Starbucks also
caters to hungry travellers looking for breakfast and lunch. Look out for their merchandise if
you’re a collector: Starbucks Malaysia has a variety of Malaysian-themed coffee mugs and
tumblers, aside from seasonal-themed ones.
Location: Contact Pier, KLIA and Satellite Building, KLIA

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