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Lock Away with Lock&Lock!

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Lock n Lock Food Containers

Complete your home with Lock&Lock’s finest houseware

Location: F67, Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang
Operating Hours: 10 am - 10 pm

Founded in 1978, Lock&Lock has always been a dominant leader when it comes to houseware products. One of the reasons the Korean brand has maintained its outstanding magnitude of quality, constantly placing first on the Korea Brand Power Index (in the airtight containers category) for 16 consecutive years, is because they have always put the environment and consumers’ health as top priorities. Its products are made of  eco-friendly materials such as polypropylene, BPA-free tritan and heat-resistant glass, and thus help ensure safer food storage at home as conveniently as possible.

Food Containers

Lock n Lock Food Containers

With Lock&Lock’s food containers and plasticware, you can be sure your food will be kept fresh and crisp at all times with the distinctively designed four-sided locking system and hollow cylinder silicon, providing outstanding air-tight quality and unfailing sealing power. Be it dry or fresh food items, putting them away in a Lock&Lock container ensures nothing is wasted and that your food can be enjoyed for a longer time.


Lock n Lock Thermal Containers

Your beverage storage needs are also taken care of with Lock&Lock products as Lock&Lock’s tumblers are with the premium STS304 stainless steel used both for the inner as well as outer lining of the tumblers, ensuring resistance to cracks and provide a high level of durability to the products. The special gilded copper coatings for the inner bottle and the use of premium getter ensure an outstanding thermal preservation, perfect for your daily use.

Water Bottles

Lock n Lock Water Bottles

From kids to adults, whether indoors or outdoors, Lock&Lock’s water bottles are convenient for all to use. All Lock&Lock’s water bottles are BPA-free and do not contain suspected EDC materials, Bisphenol A or any other harmful plasticiser. Lock&Lock’s water bottles come in trendy colours, with a few design options available. They’re a fun way to ensure you’re getting your daily water requirement.

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