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Filling Greens

Perfect Stays
Helena Hon
Vegan cuisine at Laguna Lodge Guatemala

These eco-friendly resorts offer the finest plant-based spreads for vegans and vegetarians. 

Looking for delicious plant-based gourmet meals when travelling can be pretty difficult sometimes.
However, with this selection of resorts that offer world class vegetarian cuisine, those who prefer to
forgo meat and fish can now indulge in vegan haute cuisine with no worries.

Four Seasons Resort, Langkawi, Malaysia
Four Seasons Resort Langkawi Malaysia Ikan Ikan Restaurant
A must-try at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi (L); The garden view ground floor pavilion (L).

The Four Seasons Resort in Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi is an upscale resort nestled in Southeast Asia’s first UNESCO geopark and facing a serene private beach off the Andaman Sea. Amongst its 91 villas and pavilions, there are three restaurants to indulge in and a bar to quench your thirst. Vegan-friendly meals and drinks feature strongly in the restaurants and in-room dining service especially at Ikan Ikan Restaurant, which has an extensive vegetarian menu from starters to dessert. This includes the crispy vegetarian spring roll, sambal tempe (fried soybean cake in chilli paste), aloo ghobi (dried potato and cauliflower masala with peas), Malay-style fried rice, vegetable char kuay teow, and desserts like deep fried bananas with black tea ice cream, and black bee honey cake with Andaman sea salt and caramelised peanut ice cream. Guests dine in a traditional Malaysian home setting on the beach, enjoying Ikan Ikan’s award-winning specialties and centuries-old, rural village recipes. 

Laguna Lodge, Guatemala, Central America
Vegan cuisine at Zots Laguna Lodge Guatemala
Relax and be mesmerised by the breathtaking view at Laguna Lodge, Guatemala.

By the waters of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is an eco-resort and nature reserve called Laguna Lodge. It’s a world class resort cradled within the magical paradise of the Mayan world, surrounded by vistas of volcanoes, natural rock spa pools and the jungle. As you walk into Zots Restaurant, their lakefront restaurant, the theme of being at one with nature carries within with their eco-cuisine. The wholly vegetarian and vegan menu is extensively varied, using ingredients harvested from their own garden or from local farmers. For drinks and cocktails, try the house special ─ the Molten Lava cocktail, made with Guatemalan rum, organic carrot and apple juice. They roast their own coffee, too, made with beans picked from the lodge’s gardens.

The Stanford Inn By The Sea, California, The United States
Plant based resort Standford Inn By The Sea California vegan cuisine menu
Be amazed at the wholesomeness of this one and only plant-based resort in the USA (L); Ravioli served in caper marinara sauce at The Ravens (R).

If you’re looking for an award-winning vegan restaurant in California, look no further than The Ravens, set inside The Stanford Inn by the Sea in Mendocino, California. In fact, Stanford Inn is the only plant- based resort in the United States. Even its furniture has no animal-based materials, so there are no leather sofas.

The food is organic cuisine that rivals even the finest restaurants. From breakfast to dinner ─ the dishes are gourmet, like wild mushroom-and-creamy polenta, ravioli served in caper marinara sauce as well as sea palm strudel created with locally harvested sea palm and local root vegetables with wasabi and umi plum raspberry sauces. “We use as much produce as practically possible from our own farm which, beyond being organic, does not use pesticides, regardless of their organic pedigree,” says Jeff Stanford, the inn’s owner.

The Farm at San Benito, The Philippines
The Farm at San Benito Philippines
The Farm surrounded by nature (L). Japanese vegan menu by international chef Yoshiko Hondo (R).

The Farm at San Benito is an eco-friendly place for holistic healing and wellness where people balance their mind, body and spirit with nourishing live foods. Hence their Alive! Restaurant is aptly named as it serves not only vegan cuisine but also delectable raw food. From 2006 to 2016, The Farm has received nine international awards recognizing the unique culinary experience it offers its guests. This is because every dish at Alive! is a masterpiece whereby every meal is a vegan feast that has been carefully balanced and crafted from fresh produce harvested from their organic garden. Not only are the meals high in fibre, rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients and key enzymes - just what the body needs to improve digestion and purge toxins - the taste is truly sublime.

Fiveelements Retreat, Bali, Indonesia
Sakti Dining Room Vegan Raw Cuisine Fivelements Bali
Enjoy delicious meals in eco-luxurious settings at Fivelements Retreat, Bali.

True to the core values of the holistic wellness retreat, Fivelements in Bali, its award-winning Sakti Dining Room features a menu of plant-based victuals harvested from the earth and served as haute cuisine in eco-luxurious settings. The goal is to nourish the body, mind and soul.

The restaurant has only one simple principle: To let Mother Nature’s cuisine burst forth with all its exciting tastes, textures, vibrancy and flavours in everything they serve. The result is decadently delicious vegan food and creative drinks that meld health and gastronomy together as one natural whole. Meanwhile, its setting between the scenic Ayung River and the picturesque ponds and gardens, complements and heightens the fine dining experience.

Whether you’re a vegan or just on a cleansing diet, take heart knowing that it is possible to dine on gourmet vegan or vegetarian meals while travelling. With award-winning restaurants at these resorts, clean eating is a luxurious experience that you should try at least once.

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