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Kilimanjaro Dreaming

Kilimanjaro Dreaming

MIX announcer AISHAH SINCLAIR shares her travel tales, her passions … and her dream of following in her dad’s footsteps up the tallest mountain in Africa


This time around on ‘Traveller’s Tales’, we’re putting MIX Breakfast’s Aishah Sinclair in the ‘hot seat’.

Having juggled modelling gigs between working on television (eg 8TV Quickie and Rock Unite NTV7), along with roles in local films, the London-born mother-of-two says she feels like she may have found her true calling.

Another day at the office with the boys, Prem and Rod

“For my first job I was at a public relations company. On my first day of work I already knew I would not be able to last long, that a desk job was not for me,” shares Aishah, a Mass Comm graduate from Universiti Teknologi Mara. “So a year in I got an offer to join a TV show on Astro, I took it and decided to pursue hosting full time. That was about 15 years ago, and after years of doing television, I am now in love with radio!”

If you regularly tune in to the MIX Breakfast crew on weekday mornings, you’d truly appreciate the money-can’t-buy chemistry that exists between Aishah and her two “partners in crime” Rod Monteiro and Prem Shanker.

As much as she adores her job, though, the bubbly 39-year-old KL-lite says it’s not “all fun and stress- free”.

“Well, it IS fun, but it’s quite demanding at the same time,” reveals Aishah. “We’re in the office at 5.30am and are pretty packed until we clock out at 12 noon. Even when we’re not at the office, we’re constantly looking for inspiration for the show. So, no matter where we are, we’re always in work mode.”

Sounds stressful, innit. So how does Aishah de-stress after a long day at work? Apart from serious catching up on zzz’s, over a good run or workout at the gym.

Running is therapeutic (L); With my girls Soraya and Aina

“I believe in the saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’ – especially as a mother, you have to make sure you and your needs are fulfilled and you are in a good place. Then you will be able to be there more for your family,” says Aishah.

And of course, there are the well-deserved vacations. Tag along as Aishah shares with us some of her favourite destinations and then some!

What is your idea of THE perfect vacation?

Aishah Sinclair (AS): The ocean, the beach, my family … and nothing to do. I’m all for going to new cities or destinations to explore and discover new things with the ones I love, but as fun as they are, those are the kinds of holidays that you need a break right after. Haha! So the perfect vacay is one where I do nothing all day.

(Photo © iStock by Getty Images)

Share with us some of your favourite holiday destinations, foreign and local.

AS: My favourite local destination has to be Langkawi. My family and I would make a trip to Langkawi to unwind every year. My kids are pretty simple to keep occupied – just give them a pool to swim in and they’ll be there the whole time. We also love Langkawi for its laidback vibe, so that’s usually our ‘chill and do nothing’ break. As for overseas, my family and I love Japan! We recently went to Kyoto and Osaka, and made a trip to Lake Kawaguchi to see the spectacular Mount Fuji, something that both my girls still talk about to this day.

(Photo © iStock by Getty Images)
I love Japan! Lake Kawaguchi and the spectacular Mount Fuji

Do you have a favourite destination that you never get tired of visiting, even if you’ve been there numerous times before?

AS: Bali has a special place in my heart … I love the energy there. I think I have been there eight times already. Every time I go I like to explore a different part and try a different experience. I still feel as though the island has so much more to offer.

What are the top 3 destinations on your ‘Bucket List’?

AS: Well, let’s see. Iceland for sure – I’d love to see the Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) at least once in my life. Next in the list is New Zealand – I’m just waiting for my youngest to get a little bit older and I want to do a caravan trip all over South Island with the family. Rounding off the Top 3 would be Tanzania – I’d love to take after my father’s footsteps and climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Top pics: Bucket list destinations include Iceland and Tanzania (photos © iStock by Getty Images);
Bottom pics: My Dad, My Hero! I'd love to take after my dad and climb Mount Kilimanjaro one day

What do you love most about travelling? And what do you hate the most?

AS: I love the fact that everything is a new experience – every sight, smell, taste is exciting. What I hate the most? Having to unpack and do the laundry when I’m back home!

What are some of the travel essentials that you must have with you during your travels?

Never know when you'll need a book

AS: A book. If I forget to bring one, I will always go to the bookstore at the airport and get something to read. You never know when you might need to keep yourself occupied.

Share with us at least ONE of your travel quirks.

AS: When I’m travelling alone I don’t like to be disturbed on the plane, so I always have on a hoodie, sleeping mask and earplugs. And if I can fall asleep as soon as the plane takes off and only wake up when we are about to land, well, that’s the best for me!


What’s the first thing on your itinerary when you visit a brand new destination?

AS: Go out and cari makan! Before we arrive, I usually do my research on the place and make a list of the things we should do and the places we should go and eat. Then I slowly work on checking all the things off my list.

Holidays are often peppered with memorable episodes. Share with us ONE such memory … something you still talk about to this day.

AS: I once flew to Jakarta with my kids to see my brother who lives there, and to attend a wedding. We arrived pretty late and we were all so tired. After going through immigration, we went to pick up our luggage and I discovered that my bag was not there! In its place was an identical bag – same colour, size and brand – but did not belong to me. I managed to call the lady who owned the bag … turns out she had jumped on a train after landing in Jakarta and was in a town three hours out of city. I only got back my bag two days later! Haha!

Amazing trek to the Everest Base Camp!

Are you an adventurous foodie?

AS: I’m not really adventurous when it comes to food. I love trying new dishes and will definitely try out the local cuisine but nothing too ‘out there’. A friend once dared me to eat a cooked tarantula in Cambodia, but I chickened out! Haha!

What services and facilities do you find most appealing at KLIA or klia2?

AS: klia2 has great food and shopping options!

How do you keep yourself occupied on long layovers or when there’s a flight delay?

AS: I always travel with a book, my headphones and iPad for moments like these so I can find a little corner and keep myself occupied. If the layover is a lot longer, I usually find out if the airport has a rest area and try and get a nap. Oh, and airport shopping is the best too!

Airport shopping is the best! (L); iPad always on hand
(photos © iStock by Getty Images)


Photos courtesy of Aishah Sinclair (unless specified otherwise)

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