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Fiqrie: Big On Japan

Fiqrie: Big On Japan

One of the hardest working talents in showbiz, FIQRIE DAHARI shares with us his passion for travel – and his ongoing love affair with the Land of the Rising Sun

You couldn’t miss that face, that huge infectious grin even if you wanted to. And with an immensely engaging personality exuding down-to-earth affability to boot, it’s no wonder Fiqrie Dahari is one heck of a busy social media influencer juggling multiple roles, including, emcee and columnist, after 10 years as a radio announcer (think HotFM, RedFM and Mix.FM).

Apart from promoting a healthy lifestyle to his Instagram followers – some 46,200 of them – the 37-year-old Petaling Jaya native, listed as one of ‘100 Most Influential Creators in Malaysia’ in 2018,  also shares his passion for fashion as well as travel.

Join us as we chat with Fiqrie about his favourite destinations, travel quirks and unforgettable episodes – and more!

Share with us some of your favourite holiday destinations, foreign and local.
Fiqrie Dahari (FD): Locally I never get tired of Melaka, Ipoh, Sabah and Penang. There’s always something that interests me every time I go there. But as a freelance travel writer, I must say EVERY state in Malaysia has lots to offer – you just have to know where to go.

Foreign? Japan – hands down. It’s clean and systematic … yet people are mostly polite, nice – the opposite of Singapore (hold on, hold on, I’m half Singaporean – so I’m entitled to say this. LOL!)

Funny story – I lived there for a year in Tokyo and Fukuoka at the age of 6. My father was a continental manager for Malaysia Airlines. I grew up in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Cambodia, and Japan.

Ooooh … I also love Taiwan. People are friendly and very helpful. And the food there is tremendously good.

Big on Japan! (L-R) With the famous Hachiko statue at Shibuya Station; at Chiba Mother Farm

Do you have a favourite destination that you never get tired of visiting, even if you have been there numerous times before?
FD: Japan, for sure. Never get tired of it.

At Tokyo DisneySea

What are the top destinations on your ‘bucket list’?
FD: Milan – for my love of fashion. England/Scotland – I am obsessed with the Queen and the whole lot yet I’ve never been motivated to plan a trip over!

What’s the first thing on your itinerary when you visit a brand new destination?
FD: Try their McDonald’s. I kid you not. Haha!

What are some of the travel essentials that you must have with you during your travels?
FD: At least a quarter of my luggage weight is made up of my toiletries. I need my creams, moisturisers, etc.

What do you love/hate the most about travelling?
FD: I hate unpacking and doing my laundry after. What do I love most? When everything is sponsored! (Haha, perks of work)

Photos © iStock by Getty Images

Share with us at least ONE of your travel quirks.
FD: I love to walk around the neighbourhood in the area that I’m in randomly and just look at the houses and just get lost and see what awaits ahead – before getting onto Google Map to head back. But only in safe places such as Japan.

Photo © iStock by Getty Images

How adventurous are you when it comes to food?
FD: I’m very adventurous. As long as it’s not poisonous, and scientifically proven to be safe and healthy, count me in.

Having lived in Cambodia as a kid, my school friends worldwide would feast on the deep-fried crickets and grasshoppers at the market because they always smelt so good. I believe it was scientifically safe – or I was just plain stupid at 10 years old.

Holidays are often peppered with funny/interesting/embarrassing/memorable episodes. Share with us ONE such memory – something you still talk about to this day with a glint in your eye.
FD: I met my first love during a company trip to Bali … and another during my trip to Jakarta. Long-distance relationships are almost impossible, so we broke up after less than a year. But oh … to fall in love during holidays – such romance, but then comes the heartbreak.

What’s your impression of our airports – ie KLIA or klia2?
FD: klia2 reminds me of a nice big shopping mall – you can indulge in endless shopping, which I absolutely love. As the “first point of contact” for visitors to our country, I think both deserve a ton of credit.

What services and facilities do you find most appealing at KLIA or klia2?
FD: All the places you can eat. And UNIQLO at klia2!

Do you have any pre-boarding rituals?
FD: Indeed. First of all, change enough money … ensure debit cards can be used overseas (I don’t do credit) … have my roaming device.

How do you keep yourself occupied on long layovers?
FD: Easy. NETFLIX! (who also happens to be one of my clients!)

Enjoying some fun and leisure at Pulau Papan, Labuan


Photos courtesy of Fiqrie Dahari (unless specified otherwise)

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