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Teleport by AirAsia to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine

Izzat Haziq

Teleport leverages on AirAsia's largest network in Southeast Asia as it readies to freight COVID-19 vaccine around the region.

Various COVID-19 vaccines are being developed and undergoing clinical trials, giving hope that life can soon get back to what it was as the year 2021 comes into view. The ongoing development of the vaccine also preempts the logistics industry to be well prepared in terms of distributing this valuable resource to millions of lives around the world.

In anticipation of the need to transport and distribute millions of COVID-19 vaccines around the region, AirAsia Digital’s logistic venture, Teleport, is gearing up to focus its operations in this capacity. Teleport will undoubtedly leverage AirAsia’s network in Southeast Asia that covers 125 cities altogether, keeping it poised to jump into action as soon as possible.

When COVID-19 first reared in early 2020, Teleport was among the first to charter cargo-only flights to freight medical aid as well as protective equipment to hospitals and frontliners in major cities in its network. The operations were running throughout the tough period when international borders were shuttered for travellers and AirAsia had to ground its commercial flights.

Teleport CEO, Pete Chareonwongsak said, “Distributing vaccines is a global imperative that can bring back a global economic recovery as well as the revival of demand in the aviation and travel industry. That’s why we’re focused on putting together our collective resources, technology and infrastructure for regional supply chains and essential services. We will work closely with the governments and our partners to ensure that the vaccines reach our healthcare frontliners who are braving the pandemic.”

Acting as AirAsia Digital’s technology logistic company, Teleport has successfully developed robust technology Application Programming Interface (API) integration, digital issuance of Air Waybill (AWBs), integrated technologies with cargo terminals at its partner’s Ground Team Red (GTR), a joint venture between AirAsia and SATS hubs in major markets and first mile and last mile technology applications.

Teleport boasts of its exceptional service of being able to deliver door-to-door in 24 hours with services that include air freight, customs declaration, and first and last-mile delivery in both ASEAN and Asia-Pacific regions. The logistics arm has accomplished this consistently, and this latest mission is a continuation of its emphasis on supporting essential healthcare services.

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