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Qatar Airways Launches Fly Home Campaign

Zurien Onn
Qatar Airways Extra Baggage Allowance

The airline aims to bring back Malaysians safely home and offers additional baggage allowance as well as free Wi-Fi.

The COVID-19 pandemic launched the whole world into a state of uncertainty as its side effects include a downturn in economic activities, in many cases resulting in job cutbacks. For workers who had been employed outside of their home country, this means that they will have to arrange for flights to go back home, possibly bringing their worldly possessions with them.

To help facilitate flights to their passengers’ home countries, Qatar Airways has launched their “Taking You Back Home” campaign. For Malaysians booking their seats through this campaign, Qatar is offering 10kg of Extra Baggage Allowance, adding on to the baggage allowance usually allocated for normal bookings.

Qatar Airways baggage allowance
Baggage allowance for different routes aboard Qatar Airways. Source:

While baggage allowance may differ for different routes and cabin class, what this means is that for Business and First Class passengers, each person is now allowed up to 72kg of checked baggage, while Economy Class passengers can bring up to 56kg of checked baggage. For families coming back from years spent abroad, the extra baggage allowance is a boon for transporting back belongings.

Onboard Connectivity

On top of the extra baggage allowance, Qatar Airways is also offering high-speed “Super Wi-Fi” connectivity for all passengers to make it easier for them to update their families on their journey. All passengers on flights fitted with GX Aviation technology - fitted in by global mobile satellite communications provider Inmarsat - may use the Super Wi-Fi service for up to one hour for free, with the option of purchasing full-flight access if needed. For those looking to arrange flights to fly back home to Malaysia, Qatar Airways’ campaign is definitely a viable option for extra baggage and connectivity.

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