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Ensuring a Safe and Seamless Travel with IATA Travel Pass


Implementation of the IATA Travel Pass will ease the recovery of the aviation industry

Travelling has been the passion for a lot of people, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has unequivocally changed the global travel trends. Pre-pandemic saw travellers considering prices, lodgings, flights and the sites of tourist attractions as part of their journey. However, the current circumstances have made traveller more wary with the health protocols of their selected destination.

To that end, governments around the globe have continuously implemented safety initiatives to ensure travellers are safe. On top of those initiatives, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched the IATA Travel Pass, a mobile app that helps travellers to store and manage their verified certifications for COVID-19 tests or vaccines.

According to a statement by IATA, the app is a safe and secure way for travellers to receive test results, scan their vaccine certificates, check the safety requirements for their journey, verify the destination and transit requirements as well as share the requirements effortlessly with health officials and airlines prior to their departure. The app is an efficient initiative that helps avoid queuing and congestion for document checks, to the benefit of travellers, airlines airports and governments.

Recently, IATA announced that Etihad Airways, Jazeera Airways, Jetstar, Qantas, Qatar Airways and Royal Jordanian will implement the IATA Travel Pass in a phased rollout across the airlines’ networks. These five airlines join Emirates Airline as IATA Travel Pass implementation pioneers following eleven months of extensive testing by 76 airlines.

“After months of testing, IATA Travel Pass is now entering the operational phase. The app has proven itself to be an effective tool to manage the complexity of travel health credentials that governments require,” said IATA Director-General Willie Walsh.

IATA Travel Pass is a mobile app that can receive and verify a range of COVID-19 test results and digital vaccines certificates. Currently, vaccine certificates from 52 countries (representing the source of 56% of global air travel) can be managed using the app. This will increase to 74 countries, representing 85% of global traffic, by the end of November.

IATA Travel Pass is expected to play a key role in the aviation industry’s recovery from the impact of COVID-19. A digitalised solution to manage the paperwork of COVID-19 travel health credentials will support a return to travel when borders reopen. With many governments relying on airlines for COVID-19 document checking this will be critical in avoiding queues and congestion at check-in as travel ramps up.

For more information on the IATA Travel Pass, please log on to IATA official website

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