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Not-To-Be-Missed Around The World
The world is such a magnificent playground for travel hounds and thrill-seekers.
Here are some must-see events and festivals that will take your breath away as you get jet-setting to feed that wanderlust.

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The Netherlands Ice Sculpture Festival
The Netherlands Ice Sculpture Festival

The Netherlands Ice Sculpture Festival at the IJsselhallen in Zwolle will be more beautiful and bigger than ever this year. The best ice sculpting artists in the world come to Zwolle where they work in a large ice hall (De IJsselhallen) with 275,000 kilos of ice and 275,000 kilos of snow. They will be translating the theme “JOURNEY THROUGH TIME” into a magical and spectacular world of ice and snow sculptures of up to 6 metres tall.

carnaval de rio
The Americas
Rio Carnival 2020

Befitting its title as the biggest carnival in the world, Rio Carnival 2020 will amaze all visitors with a streak of parades taking place at the Sambadrome; a ground specifically built to host the annual parade of Samba Schools during the carnival. The carnival starts with the Preliminary Schools’ Parade on 21and 22 February, followed by the main highlight of the carnival, which is the Main Schools’ Parade. The carnival will end on 29 February, featuring the top 6 schools in a competition to be crowned the Champion in the Champions’ Parade. If you’re looking for some awesomely fun entertainment, this is one grand carnival that shouldn’t be missed.

mardi gras galveston
The Americas
Mardi Gras! Galveston

Texas’s largest Mardi Gras celebration is set to commence on 14 February, and it will all start with beads. Over 3 million beads will be thrown at Mardi Gras! Galveston, signalling the start of elaborate parades - which includes the Mystic Krewe of Aquarius parade, the Krewe Gambrinus parade, and the Knights of Momus Grand Night Parade. Visitors can also enjoy headliner performances, family events, and feasts.


The celebration will also feature an Official 5k Run, a Golf Cart Parade, and multiple concerts with various artists ready to entertain you! So “Bead There” this February!

carnevale de venezia venice carnival
Carnevale Di Venezia

The Carnevale Di Venezia will bring you to a whole new world of amusement, thrills, and mystery - with its iconic masks injecting an air of intrigue and wonderment.  Start your journey by getting your gears ready for an ice skating adventure in Campo San Polo, embrace the arts and culture of Venice at the Festa delle Marie, and enjoy live music and performances at the Maestre Carnival Street Show. If you have the opportunity, do reserve a ticket or two for the Carnival’s Official Dinner and Ball - usually described as a magical time and shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for that authentic Venitian experience. It’s not all just for the adults, though, as the carnival also features some kids edutainment activities such as the “Carnival as as Maker at Vega”, featuring Paper Circuit and Scribbling Machine activities.

Imagine Children's Festival  London UK
Imagine Children’s Festival

Welcome to a world where kids are kings, at the one-of-a-kind Imagine Children’s Festival. The festival brings a whole world of fun-filled activities for the young ones, including sing-alongs, puppet shows, games, and workshops. Kids can have fun interacting with dinosaurs, indulging in the wonderfully-crafted world of Harry Potter, and going on an adventurous ride with Pippi Longstocking. 


Give your babysitters some time off and enjoy some quality bonding time with the kids at the joy-filled Imagine Children's Festival.

Harbin International Ice Festival China 2020
Asia & Australia
Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival 2020

This highly anticipated international festival in Harbin has been held since 1985 and is the biggest world ice and snow festival, since. To be held in 3 main areas, there will be more than 2,000 ice sculptures shown at Harbin Ice and Snow World which will surely fascinate you! Not only that, there will also be an “Ice and Snow Disneyland”, themed snow sculptures displayed at the fairyland-like International Snow Sculpture Art Expo in Sun Island as well as decorated ice lanterns being displayed at the Traditional Ice Lantern Fair held at Zhaolin Park.  The best time to experience this awe-inspiring festival is from late December 2019 to February 2020. You would not want to miss this breathtaking experience!

* All information on events are subject to change.

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