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What are your thoughts on Convergence?

What are your thoughts on Convergence?

In our final issue of the print magazine, we speak to several people who contributed and benefited from Convergence to share their thoughts and opinions on the magazine that has highlighted their stories over the years.

MFMA Development Sdn Bhd Directors

As non-Malaysians, the magazine has given us good insights on the local culture apart from promoting brands and telling stories that matter to the masses. Convergence also features the Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang and we truly appreciate the coverage. We will certainly miss the print copy of the magazine. Nonetheless, by taking the digital step forward, we are confident that Convergence would be able to reach out to more people. We also hope the publication partners with prominent online service providers such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to the new web magazine!

Sama-Sama Express Hotels KLIA and klia2 Manager

"Convergence has assisted retailers and business partners to develop brands, boost appearance and generate increased awareness over the years. The magazine also highlighted the opening of Airport FastTrack (formerly known as KLIA Premier Access) in October 2016 which has seen a growing number of travellers using this fast-track and personalised service since opening. As for going online, I believe this transition will be smooth and beneficial in the long run as content becomes adaptable and reachable in an increasingly online generation. However, content aside, equal priority should be given for design and page layouts to actively engage digital readers. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the editorial team and to never falter in pursuing great content."

Eraman Assistant Manager for Marketing and Communications

"For Eraman Malaysia, we are very fortunate to be able to work with Convergence. The magazine has helped promote our main campaign, the Eraman Shopping Extravaganza campaign, which saw the campaign gaining more awareness as well as attracting more entries and participants."
"We hope the new online publication would have a higher and wider audience reach. The publication should also be actively promoted in order to create and elevate awareness. It would be nice to see interactive sections too such as videos. On behalf of Eraman, I would like to thank the Convergence team in helping to promote the Eraman brand throughout the 'print era'. All the best for the future!"

DR Group Holdings Berhad Group, Managing Director

"Having an online publication has its advantages due to the growth of smartphone users worldwide. It offers convenience while on-the-go and has the potential to reach out to a bigger audience. However, there are travellers who still prefer to read printed magazines instead of e-magazines whom will be disappointed by this change. Personally, I feel maintaining both physical and electronic versions of Convergence would be ideal to cater to everyone’s unique needs."

Airport CARE Ambassador (KLIA)

“As an Airport CARE Ambassador, the magazine has helped me identify things to do and places to go for both staff and passengers. Serving as a point-of- information for outlet directories, it has also made our lives convenient in giving direction to passengers at the airport. However, if the magazine will no longer be printed, the e-magazine needs to be heavily advertised to ensure a steady stream of readers. On suggesting new content, the editorial team could consider having a section in the magazine especially for passengers in transit on things they could do at the main building and the satellite building.”

Tabco Group of Companies Managing Director

"The placement of the outlets in the airport guide has helped airport users in finding our location (Nooodles at Level 5, KLIA) and the various articles, activities and promotions done by Malaysia Airports have also brought attention to our businesses at the airport. Also, it will be good to go online. A lot of other airports are doing it. Digital content is easily downloadable and stays relevant. It will also reach a wider audience."

Sama-Sama Hotel KL International Airport Director of Sales and Marketing

"The shift to online publication is a good move. But, perhaps the team should consider doing a special printed copy on a quarterly basis thus maintaining a platform to capture solid articles relating to aviation and travel industries. They could also look into ways of widening audience reach. The Convergence team has been very cooperative and I must say they have done a great contribution to the success of this magazine."

gateway@klia2 Assistant General Manager

"The magazine reaches most if not all travellers going through the airports and this generates an increased interest on gateway@ klia2. Our position as a shopping mall within the airport allows us great visibility to travellers and visitors alike. The exposure we have had with the publication has only enhanced our position locally and abroad. It certainly has helped to heighten our visibility with visitors and tourists who come through the airport on a daily basis. The articles and any mention of us in the magazine have led to more and more people learning about our strategic location along with the wonderful facilities that we offer."

Kuching International Airport Senior Manager

"Although it is sad to see the magazine cease printing physical copies, the notion to go online is a smart and strategic move to stay relevant in this digital era. Moving forward, we would love to see more features and interviews concerning the east coast of Malaysia. Sabah and Sarawak has plenty of attractions that would intrigue future readers and travellers and we hope to see stories that will resonate with them in the near future."

Fukuya@KLIA Chef

“It has been an absolute pleasure to be featured in the magazine as the food promotions have always helped bring more customers to our outlet. Despite having Fukuya at the Satellite Building, we do see customers coming in after viewing the article and images featured in the magazine. Perhaps in the future, there could be both printed and e-copies of Convergence or a newsletter just for the outlets within the Satellite Building to attract and inform passengers at the main building.”

Valiram KLIA Marketing Manager

"Digital is the way to go but, provide a QR code for users to download (relevant articles and materials). To further improve the digital copy, increase brand awareness at airport lounges, airlines and WiFi page as well as adding interactive features such as maps that allow passengers to easily locate stores. Stores could also offer digital promotions that bring passengers to their shops."

Airport CARE Ambassador (klia2)

“We have gotten queries from airline crew members asking for extra copies of the magazine as they want to own all issues of Convergence. Several quarters will be disappointed about the print discontinuation but perhaps going online will be for the best. After all, the print copies fly off our counters in a matter of days and with the e-version we can tell it will forever be available.”

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