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The Joy of Giving

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Izzat Nizar

For Malaysia Airports, your journey home is the most precious gift of all.

‘Twas the week before Christmas, jolly smiles and festive feelings had been appearing everywhere at the airport. Merry passengers were starting to embark on their journey home, but for some, this year’s journey will be different.

At Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), two lucky flights were chosen to be part of our special Christmas initiative. The flights came from Kota Kinabalu (MH2613) and London (MH1), packed with eager passengers waiting to embrace their loved ones for Christmas. Little did they know, that they would soon be greeted with more pleasant surprises as soon as they set foot in Kuala Lumpur.

Meanwhile, MAHB’s personnel and partners began their preparation for the day; gifts were packed, gift cards printed and decorations were displayed, while carolers practiced their vocals. Santa combed his beard while the Santarinas practiced their smiles. As soon as the flight’s status changed to ‘landed’, everyone rushed to the conveyor belt area.

imgColourful decorations add more Christmassy cheer!

As the passengers flocked the area, gifts began to roll out on the conveyor belt, adorned with the passengers’ respective names. As the jolly spirit began to set in, carol singers made their appearance and started to sing festive tunes to amp up the cheer. Soon after, Santa Claus made his grand entrance, followed by the charming Santarinas.

imgLucky passengers start picking their giftsAs carolers sing Christmas melodies

More joyful cheers were carved around the airport as the lucky ones opened their gifts. Christmas tote bags, cookies, candy canes, and Pilot Parker plush toys were also distributed to the passengers by the Santarinas, sparking more more joy among the crowd. Sweet memories were also etched forever, as passengers started taking pictures with Father Christmas, along with their loved ones.

imgEveryone had the chance to capture some memories to bring home.

At the end of the day, the beautiful smiles on the passengers’ faces were what mattered most to all of us. Malaysia Airports is grateful to be able to pull off this memorable experience for our passengers and would like to thank all our collaborators, namely Malaysia Airlines, Lego Malaysia, Valiram, Dimensi Ekslusif, and Colours & Fragrances in making this initiative a success.

imgThe thing that matters most to us, the smile on our beloved passengers!

Snippets of the initiative were posted on MAHB’s social media and official YouTube page, or you can check it out below.

*The initiative was done as part of Malaysia Airports’ ‘Let’s Go Christmas’ campaign. Priorities were given to passengers who celebrate Christmas, children, as well as travelling families.

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