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Izzat Haziq
Sama Sama Hotel Sanitisation

Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA takes guests on an Experiential Journey behind the safety and health protocols of operating under the new norm.

In the wake of the recent pandemic, hoteliers all around the world are adapting to new strategies and approaches to navigate through the current times. As such, Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA is introducing an Experiential Journey in welcoming guests, the Sama-Sama Way!

To ensure a comfortable and stress-free stay for guests, Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA has gone above and beyond in maintaining a clean environment in all areas. This includes frequent sanitisation of high-contact points such as door handles, elevator buttons, escalator hand bars, reception counters, and guests’ waiting areas. The cleaning practices are carried out efficiently by qualified Sama-Sama associates, trained as per guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA is also committed to keeping the wellness of their patrons as the highest priority. Bearing this in mind, all guest rooms undergo deep cleaning and sanitisation to ensure that hygiene is kept at the highest level. Each guest room is equipped with plasma air steriliser that not only sterilises the room of airborne bacteria, but also neutralises toxic and harmful gasses. All these elevated protocols are executed using the latest sanitising technology, a testament to the conscious effort by Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA in making sure that guests will have peace of mind during their stay.

The deep cleaning and sanitisation process also means that guests can now discover a new, revivified hotel environment at Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA. The dining outlets here have gone through the same, strenuous sanitisation measures, promising a safe and pleasant dining experience for all.

Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA takes pride in celebrating their guests by delivering uncompromising service, even when the going gets tough! Be sure to check out the Experiential Journey video below to learn more about what goes behind the scenes of an unforgettable, and, most importantly, safe #SamaSamaExperience.

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