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KLM To Gradually Increase Passenger Flights

Izzat Haziq

The flag carrier plans on ramping up flight frequency as travel restriction eases.


The travel and tourism industry has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the air travel industry as well. With decisions by governments around the world to ban or restrict international flights except for necessary purposes, flight cancellations and loss of income from lack of ticket sales have impacted most airlines quite considerably.

However, many countries worldwide have shown signs of easing travel restrictions recently, and this means that airlines can now restart routes to certain destinations. This includes KLM, which is the Dutch subsidiary of Air France-KLM. Now, talks of gradually increasing the number of passenger flights are underway at the airline, starting since July and continuing this August.

KLM said in an earlier statement that it would operate 6,900 passenger flights in July and 13,100 in August, with the inclusion of intercontinental routes. Statistically speaking, this is a much lower number compared to around 22,000 passenger flights per month in the summer last year. However, this is a positive movement, given the current situation in air travel with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Up to the current time, KLM has been running regular flights between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur, as the airline partners with Malaysia’s national carrier, Malaysia Airlines. The partnership was extremely useful in repatriation flights of both countries’ citizens from Australia, New Zealand, Nepal and the Philippines when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. KLM is also currently operating flights from Kuala Lumpur to other cities including Bangkok, Copenhagen, Zurich and Moscow, either on its own aircraft or through partnerships with other airlines. For the time being, about half of KLM’s flights to destinations outside of Europe such as Bombay, Johannesburg, Beijing, and several others are only transporting cargo. When international travel restrictions are relaxed, KLM intends to carry passengers on these routes as well.

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